“Since having Gina tutor my daughter, her math grades have gone up tremendously. She is now an A student in math. It has helped her confidence in the rest of her school work, as well. She is in the 6th grade now and we plan on using Gina over the summer and for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend Gina!”

Bridget Wooden
Newport Beach, CA


“Gina’s approach to tutoring could not have been more beneficial to my survival in my Pre-Calculus Honors course. Her technique and strategies helped me move from a B- to an A+.”

Claire Lyles
11th Grade Pre-Calculus Honors Student
Encinitas, CA


“Gina was by far the best tutor I have ever had. I went from getting a B- in Pre-Calculus in high school to getting an A+ in college Pre-Calculus! She really wants you to comprehend the material and is very patient. She thoroughly explains it and breaks it down into a more simplified form. She was an invaluable resource for calculus.”

Kathryn Green
Freshman Pre-Calculus college student at UCSD
San Diego, CA


“Gina has helped our daughter raise her grade in Algebra from a D to a B. She is consistent, on time, and professional. She manages to make math fun for her students. My daughter likes her and gives her a hug when she leaves, so that is the best testimony.”

Laura Zublin
Newport Beach, CA


“I have struggled with math all my life. I have never received a grade higher than a C in Math (to me, even that was a miracle). On my third attempt to take Pre-Algebra at Orange Coast College, I decided it was time for a tutor. The class I was in was only a month long Pre-Algebra class. With Gina’s guidance and confidence in me, I got an A on my final and a B in the class. Having received honors in other fields, acing that math final is my biggest accomplishment in my educational career thus far. I have deep gratitude for Gina’s genuine belief in me and her fun and easy approach to math.”

Amber Winter
Senior Algebra college student at Orange Coast College
Huntington Beach, CA


“I had 8 weeks to pass a CLEP Algebra exam in order to qualify for a program at Boston University. Gina is the perfect tutor for someone who isn’t “a natural” at higher level mathematics. Because of her, I passed my test and I am now enrolled at BU! Thanks Gina!”

Vanessa Tiffany
Newport Beach, CA


“My daughter, a community college student, had been struggling with passing Intermediate Algebra. Hiring Gina as her tutor has proved to be the magic key in unlocking her math abilities. In the final week of an intensive summer session Intermediate Algebra class, my daughter has consistently maintained an A score overall. She has also exhibited mature study habits, increased self-confidence in her math abilities, and a ‘can-do’ attitude since first being tutored by Gina. We couldn’t be happier with her surge in progress, and we know that we have Gina to thank for bringing out the successful math student in our daughter. Furthermore, Gina is an excellent communicator and keeps in conscientious touch with parents. I highly recommend her and would hire her again.”

Paula B.
Vista, CA